If you’re looking for tableware sets, you won’t leave Party Time empty handed because we carry tableware in 38 solid colors along with designs, themes, and materials for house parties, special occasions, and even for an elegant wedding! The different pieces of our tableware sets include plates, bowls, napkins, cups, table covers, table skirts, and silverware that come in multiple shapes, sizes, and in plastic or paper.

The table covers and table skirts in circular, square, and rectangle sizes make cleaning up after the party easy. Whether it’s zebra print, chevron stripes, or polka dots, Party Time carries tableware with these patterns! For a more formal variety of tableware, Party Time carries crystalized, gold, silver, and different colored scrolled designs that are great for anniversary parties, large formal events, or weddings. The crystalized premium tableware comes in a heavier weight that creates a nicer and more formal style.

Having a taste testing party or large celebration? Be sure to have a look at Party Time’s clear plastic tableware section for a wide selection of plastic tableware sets, Resposables tableware, drinkware, bowls, cutlery, table covers, and trendy mini servingware! Our premium quality tableware sets feature amazing, elegant designs. Shop our Resposables section for a great line of heavyweight plastic tableware that you can keep or toss away. Our mini servingware includes plates, bowls, platters, cups, and cutlery in chic designs. No matter what size party or get-together you’re having, Party Time has everything you need to entertain without the strain!

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