Sweeten up your Easter with these fun Sweet Easter Strawberry Carrots! These strawberries disguised as carrots are sure to be a hit at your spring time festivities. On a bed of green coconut shred, these carrot strawberries are simple to make and adds a great touch to your spring time tables.

Orange Candy Melts 
Leaf Green Icing Color 
Candy Decorating Bags 
Coconut Shred

In a Ziploc bag, shake up the coconut shred with a few drops of Leaf Green Americolor Clear Icing Color until the color is evenly spread. Spread out the now green coconut onto a platter.

Wash and thoroughly dry room temperature strawberries. Melt the orange Candy Melts per directions. Dip each strawberry in orange candy melt and set aside to dry. 

Once the strawberries have set, pipe stipes of orange using the Candy Decorating Bags for added detail.

Let the strawberries set and enjoy right away! What are some of your favorite Easter treats?