Foreboding Favors

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  • Squeaking Rat Favor

    Squeaking Rat Favor

    Hand out this Squeaking Rat Favor for Halloween! This vinyl rat features a long tail and s...

  • Glow in the Dark Fang Favor

    Glow in the Dark Fang Favor

    Be seen in the dead of the night with these Glow in the Dark Fangs! These classic plastic ...

  • Halloween Whoopee Cushion

    Halloween Whoopee Cushion

    Play a classic prank on your friends with this Halloween Whoopee Cushion! Makes a great ga...

  • Halloween Football Favor

    Halloween Football Favor

    Mesh sports and your favorite haunting holiday together and you get this Halloween Footbal...

  • Watch It Grow Pumpkin

    Watch It Grow Pumpkin

    Give your trick-or-treaters a fun treat without the sweets when you give them this Watch I...

  • Blood Dripping Fangs

    Blood Dripping Fangs

    Let your little trick-or-treaters turn into vampires for Halloween with these Blood Drippi...

  • Light-Up Skull Puffer Ball Yo-Yo

    Light-Up Skull Puffer Ball Yo-Yo

    Brighten up their Halloween night with this Light-Up Skull Puffer Ball Yo-Yo! Perfect for ...

  • Plastic Eyeballs

    Plastic Eyeballs

    Give your trick-or-treaters a creepy fun treat with these Plastic Eyeballs! Also great for...

  • Squeezable Disgusting Skulls

    Squeezable Disgusting Skulls

    Offer your trick-or-treaters a fun alternative to candy with this Squeezable Disgusting Sk...

  • Halloween Glow Sticks

    Halloween Glow Sticks

    Light up your party and keep your little trick-or-treaters safe with these Halloween Glow ...

  • Glow Necklaces with Spiders

    Glow Necklaces with Spiders

    Dress up in a dreadfully delightful way for Halloween with these Glow Necklaces with Spide...

  • Witch & Vampire Fingers

    Witch & Vampire Fingers

    Get ready to set a scary scene with these Witch & Vampire Fingers! These appalling appenda...

  • Skull Glow Bracelets

    Skull Glow Bracelets

    Give your Halloween ensemble a glowing look with this Skull Glow Bracelet! This bracelet f...

  • Sticky Spider Webs

    Sticky Spider Webs

    Create some spooky sticky fun with these Sticky Spider Webs! These Halloween color party f...

  • Jack-O-Lantern Headbands

    Jack-O-Lantern Headbands

    Give your Halloween party guests a fun favor with these Jack-O-Lantern Headbands! These pa...

  • Skull Sippy Cup

    Skull Sippy Cup

    Give your little ghosts and goblins a fun take home treat with this Skull Sippy Cup! This ...

  • Lime Green Striped Paper Straws

    Lime Green Striped Paper Straws

    Give colorful pep to your party beverages with these Lime Green Striped Paper Straws! Thes...

  • Halloween Trick Or Treat Straws

    Halloween Trick Or Treat Straws

    Watch the smiles on their faces when you give them these Halloween Trick Or Treat Straws! ...

  • Wickedly Fun Tattoos

    Wickedly Fun Tattoos

    Get a little wicked this Halloween with these Wickedly Fun Tattoos! These colorful tattoos...

  • Halloween Sticker Strips

    Halloween Sticker Strips

    Pass out a treat that’s neat with these Halloween Sticker Strips! These colorful, fun fa...

  • Halloween Prism Sticker Sheet

    Halloween Prism Sticker Sheet

    Have a blast this Halloween with our Halloween Prism Sticker Sheet. Each package contains ...

  • Halloween Party Pack Glow Sticks

    Halloween Party Pack Glow Sticks

    Add a gore-geous glow to your Halloween ensemble with this Halloween Glow Party Pack! Pack...

  • Spooky Smiles Tote

    Spooky Smiles Tote

    Be sure to fill up on candy and smiles this Halloween with this Spooky Smiles Tote! This o...

  • Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Tote

    Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Tote

    Carry your tricks and treats in this Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Tote! This large, nonwoven f...

  • Jack-O-Lantern Metal Bucket

    Jack-O-Lantern Metal Bucket

    Send your Halloween party guests home with this Jack-O-Lantern Metal Bucket! This bright o...

  • Smiling Pumpkin Tote Bag

    Smiling Pumpkin Tote Bag

    Pass out some Halloween goodies in this Smiling Pumpkin Tote Bag! This plastic bag feature...

  • Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bag

    Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bag

    Let your little trick-or-treaters fill up this Halloween Pumpkin Tote Bag! This black fabr...

  • Lime Green Treat Cups

    Lime Green Treat Cups

    Give guests a sweet treat in these sassy style Lime Green Treat Cups! These sturdy cups ar...

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  • Black Treat Cups

    Black Treat Cups

    Jazz up your scrumptious treats with these Black Treat Cups! These paper cups are perfect ...

  • Orange Treat Cups

    Orange Treat Cups

    Give your treats a zesty look with these Orange Treat Cups! These paper cups are perfect f...



    Get caught in Halloween fun! Twist up some goodies in these Spider Web Cone Cello Bags! Pr...

  • Halloween Bend & Twist

    Halloween Bend & Twist

    Add some kooky fun to your Halloween party with this novelty Bend-N-Twist Party Game! Incl...

  • Creepy Arm Paddleball Game

    Creepy Arm Paddleball Game

    Need a handy game to play on Halloween? Give little trick-or-treaters a fun treat with thi...

  • Jack-O-Lantern Craft Kit

    Jack-O-Lantern Craft Kit

    Give the kids a fun Halloween activity to do with this Jack-O-Lantern Craft Kit! This kit ...

  • Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game

    Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game

    Start a spooky fun tradition for Halloween with this Skeleton Scavenger Hunt Game! Package...

  • Batty Bingo Game

    Batty Bingo Game

    Enjoy some fun time together for Halloween with this Batty Bingo Game! Package includes 16...

  • Boo Crew Plastic Potato Sacks

    Boo Crew Plastic Potato Sacks

    Race for some Halloween treats with these Boo Crew Plastic Potato Sacks! These bold green,...

  • Pin the Nose on the Witch Game

    Pin the Nose on the Witch Game

    Get ready for some silly Halloween fun with this Pin the Nose on the Witch Game! This game...

  • Halloween Bingo Game

    Halloween Bingo Game

    Spook up some Halloween fun at your party with this Halloween Bingo Game! Includes 16 play...

  • Pin the Face on the Mummy

    Pin the Face on the Mummy

    Put a spooky twist on your Halloween fun with this Pin the Face on the Mummy! This Hallowe...

  • Best Costume Award Ribbon

    Best Costume Award Ribbon

    Give your most creative Halloween party guest an award with this Best Costume Award Ribbon...

  • Best Costume Halloween Sash

    Best Costume Halloween Sash

    Give your guests dressed up in costumes a fun award with this Best Costume Halloween Sash!...

  • Halloween Costume Trophy Awards

    Halloween Costume Trophy Awards

    Give out these Halloween Costume Trophy Awards at your spooktacular party! These gold plas...

  • Halloween Award Ribbon Pack

    Halloween Award Ribbon Pack

    We have a winner! Pick the best costume and celebrate with this Halloween Award Ribbon Mul...

  • Halloween Horror CD

    Halloween Horror CD

    Add something spine tingling and scary to your celebration or haunted house with this Hall...

60 Item(s)