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Your grad has worked hard for this moment! Let Party Time help you bring smiles ... View more

Your grad has worked hard for this moment! Let Party Time help you bring smiles and laughter to their graduation celebration with our marvelous Favors & Grad Gifts section.

Looking for great keepsakes they’ll treasure for years to come? Look no further than our Grad Gift section for fun and amazing gifts. If you want them to have a memory of who attended the party then check out our adorable autograph plushes and sign-in scroll sheets. Grab one of our grad card boxes so guests can leave their best wishes. Give them a gift of pride with our unique picture frames. Make sure to take a look at our Gift Bags for chic looks to present your heartfelt gift in.

Get the laughter going quickly when you give out some of our adorable and stylish Party Favors. From grad cap decorating kits and water bottle labels to flip flops and silly shaped shades, your grad and guests are sure to get a kick out of these fun favors.

Shop Party Time for graduation party supplies and give them the best memories you can!

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  • Grad Photo Props

    Grad Photo Props

    Add a fun touch to your graduation party pictures with these Grad Photo Props! These color...

  • Deluxe Graduation Photo Props

    Deluxe Graduation Photo Props

    Add some whimsical fun to your grad pictures with these Deluxe Graduation Photo Props! The...

  • Pink 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Pink 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Give your graduation look some posh style with these Pink 2017 Glitter Glasses! These blac...

  • Silver 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Silver 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Strut your graduation stuff in shimmering style with these Silver 2017 Glitter Glasses! Th...

  • Gold 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Gold 2017 Glitter Glasses

    Add some glitzy style to your graduation look with these Gold 2017 Glitter Glasses! These ...

  • Grad Caps Giant Glasses

    Grad Caps Giant Glasses

    You won’t be too cool for school when you wear these Grad Caps Giant Glasses! These fun ...

  • Multicolor 2017 Headbopper

    Multicolor 2017 Headbopper

    Bop into your graduation celebration wearing this fun Multicolor 2017 Headbopper! This bla...

  • Pink Grad Giant Confetti Cannon

    Pink Grad Giant Confetti Cannon

    Brighten up your graduation celebration with this Pink Grad Giant Confetti Cannon! This fu...

  • Grad Smiley Headbopper

    Grad Smiley Headbopper

    Show off your silly side with this Grad Smiley Headbopper! This black fabric headband feat...

  • Giant Grad Cap

    Giant Grad Cap

    Get ready to make a big impression at your graduation party with this Giant Grad Cap! This...

  • White Mini Mortarboard Grad Cap

    White Mini Mortarboard Grad Cap

    Add a fun look to your graduation celebration with this White Mini Mortarboard Grad Cap! T...

  • Grad Autograph Beach Ball

    Grad Autograph Beach Ball

    Toss around some graduation fun around with this Grad Autograph Beach Ball! This white, bl...

  • Small Graduation Picture Frame

    Small Graduation Picture Frame

    Give your grad the gift of goof memories with this Small Graduation Picture Frame! Style m...

  • Elegant Silver Grad Frame

    Elegant Silver Grad Frame

    Display your graduation pictures with this Elegant Silver Grad Frame! This polyresin frame...

  • Black Tassel Keychain

    Black Tassel Keychain

    Mark this momentous occasion in classic graduation style with this Black Tassel Keychain! ...

  • Grad Tinsel Headbopper

    Grad Tinsel Headbopper

    Add some wild style to your Graduation Day garb with this Grad Tinsel Headbopper! This fun...

  • Grad Deluxe Headbopper

    Grad Deluxe Headbopper

    Top off your Graduation Day look in whimsical style with this Grad Deluxe Headbopper! This...

  • Grad Dog Autograph Plush

    Grad Dog Autograph Plush

    This Grad Dog Autograph Plush makes a wonderful Graduation Day keepsake! This white vinyl ...

  • Black Grad Cap Stickers

    Black Grad Cap Stickers

    Decorate your graduation celebration invites with these Black Grad Cap Stickers! These sti...

    Out of stock

  • Grad Cap Card Box

    Grad Cap Card Box

    Drop some well wishes for your new grad in this Grad Cap Card Box! This black cardstock bo...

    Out of stock

  • Grad Inflatable Frame

    Grad Inflatable Frame

    Enjoy taking pictures of your new grads with this Grad Inflatable Frame! This black inflat...

  • School Days Grad Collage Frame

    School Days Grad Collage Frame

    Relive the wonderful memories of your grad’s years with this School Days Grad Collage Fr...

  • Grad Mug & Coaster Set

    Grad Mug & Coaster Set

    Start your new grad’s day off right with this Grad Mug & Coaster Set! Style may vary. In...

  • Graduation Silhouette Frame

    Graduation Silhouette Frame

    Let your pride for your hard working grad show with this Graduation Silhouette Frame! This...

  • Grad Clip Picture Holder

    Grad Clip Picture Holder

    Add a chic look to your new grad’s special photos with this Grad Clip Picture Holder! Th...

  • Grad Tassel Picture Frame

    Grad Tassel Picture Frame

    Mark a major life achievement with this Grad Tassel Picture Frame! This black metal, shado...

  • Grad Photo Props

    Grad Photo Props

    Take your graduation celebration pictures to the next level with these Grad Photo Props! T...

  • Grad Glitter Glasses

    Grad Glitter Glasses

    Additional colors available. Add some pizzazz to your graduation outfit with these Grad Gl...

  • Grad Smiley Autograph Plush

    Grad Smiley Autograph Plush

    Help your grad make memories with this Grad Smiley Autograph Plush! This bright yellow vin...

  • Grad Autograph Hound

    Grad Autograph Hound

    Give a great gift to your grad with this Grad Autograph Hound! This cute plush features a ...

  • Congrats Grad Partygraph

    Congrats Grad Partygraph

    Autograph Please! Get those special signatures on this Congrats Grad Partygraph! This styl...

  • Congrats Sign-In Sheet

    Congrats Sign-In Sheet

    Leave your graduation well wishes for years to come with this Congrats Sign-In Sheet! This...

  • Graduation Metal Frame

    Graduation Metal Frame

    Capture this important moment with this Graduation Metal Frame! This frame features a brus...

  • Congrats Grad Card Box

    Congrats Grad Card Box

    Say it with a card! This Congrats Grad Card Box is a great way to give some words of wisdo...

  • Multicolor Grad Card Box

    Multicolor Grad Card Box

    Celebrate your grad’s accomplishments with this Multicolor Grad Card Box! This festive a...

  • All Purpose White Card Box

    All Purpose White Card Box

    Stack the cards! This All Purpose White Card Box is perfect for catching those well wishes...

  • Chalkboard Graduation Medium Gift Bag

    Chalkboard Graduation Medium Gift Bag

    Wrap your gift in vibrant colors with this Chalkboard Graduation Medium Gift Bag! This sty...

  • Large Grad Gift Bag

    Large Grad Gift Bag

    Got a surprise for your top student? This Large Grad Gift Bag is perfect to present your a...

  • Simply Grad Gift Bag

    Simply Grad Gift Bag

    Offer your grad gift in sleek style with this Simply Grad Gift Bag! This white gift bag fe...

51 Item(s)