Buffet Candy

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  • Swedish Fish

    Swedish Fish

    Share a classic taste with these Swedish Fish! These delicious red gummi fish features a f...

  • Double Bubble Pro-Ball Keychain

    Double Bubble Pro-Ball Keychain

    Give your little sports star a fun treat with this Double Bubble Pro-Ball Keychain! This p...

  • Mini Tootsie Pops

    Mini Tootsie Pops

    Have a blast with these classic Mini Tootsie Pops! This delicious mini treat features asso...

  • Giant Tootsie Roll

    Giant Tootsie Roll

    Enjoy a nostalgic treat with this Giant Tootsie Roll! This classic low-fat chewy candy mak...

  • Dizzy Pop

    Dizzy Pop

    Hypnotize yourself in sweet colorful style with this Dizzy Pop! This large round multicolo...

  • Scribblet Crayon Candy

    Scribblet Crayon Candy

    Color yourself a sweet picture with this Scribblet Crayon Candy! This fun crayon that actu...

  • TMNT Lollipop Rings

    TMNT Lollipop Rings

    Cowabunga! Enjoy a sweet treat that you can wear while going up against Shredder with thes...

  • Candy Jewelry Set

    Candy Jewelry Set

    Create a sweet keepsake of your own with this Candy Jewelry Set! Great for party favors, g...

  • Formula Sour Candy

    Formula Sour Candy

    Enjoy a sourful experiment with this Formula Sour Candy! This fruity liquid candy is a fun...

  • Kaboom Rocks Candy

    Kaboom Rocks Candy

    Create an explosion of fruit with this Kaboom Rocks Candy! These entertaining carbonated n...

  • Marshmallow Poofy Pops

    Marshmallow Poofy Pops

    Enjoy a delightful treat anytime with this Marshmallow Poofy Pop! This “lollipop” feat...

    Out of stock

  • Apple Life Rings

    Apple Life Rings

    Give your taste buds a change of pace with these Apple Life Rings! These chewy treats feat...

  • Monkey Food Candy

    Monkey Food Candy

    Take one taste and you’re sure to go bananas over this tasty Monkey Food Candy! This ban...

  • Gummi Banana Candy

    Gummi Banana Candy

    Swing on in for a delicious delight with these Gummi Banana Candy! These chewy yellow gumm...

  • Beechies Gum Candy Bag

    Beechies Gum Candy Bag

    Smile as you remember just how much fun a couple of pieces of gum can be with this Beechie...

  • Butter Scotchies Candy Bag

    Butter Scotchies Candy Bag

    Add a classic taste to your candy dish with this Butter Scotchies Candy Bag! These delicio...

  • Cannon Balls Candy

    Cannon Balls Candy

    Aim for a unique treat when you taste this Cannon Balls Candy! This black round jawbreaker...

  • Black Cow Candy Bag

    Black Cow Candy Bag

    You deserve a tasty treat! Indulge in a s-moo-th and satisfying taste with this Black Cow ...

  • Chicken Feet Gummi Candy

    Chicken Feet Gummi Candy

    Enjoy something different with this Chicken Feet Gummi Candy! These unique sweet and fruit...

  • Candy Sucks Pacifier Pops

    Candy Sucks Pacifier Pops

    Add a sweet touch to your party with these Candy Sucks Pacifier Pops! These colorful swirl...

  • Wax Bottle Candy

    Wax Bottle Candy

    Enjoy a nostalgic treat with this Wax Bottle Candy! This edible wax candy that’s shaped ...

  • Flower Power Gummi Candy Bag

    Flower Power Gummi Candy Bag

    Enjoy a tasty sweet treat that looks as good as it tastes with this Flower Power Gummi Can...

  • Freedom Fighter Gummi Candy Bag

    Freedom Fighter Gummi Candy Bag

    Enjoy the freedom to eat this sweet and tasty treat with this Freedom Fighter Gummi Candy ...

  • Fruit Sours Candy Bag

    Fruit Sours Candy Bag

    Pucker up for a fun fruity experience with this Fruit Sours Candy Bag! This tasty candy mi...

  • Alligator Gummi Candy Bag

    Alligator Gummi Candy Bag

    No need for the swamps with this Alligator Gummi Candy Bag! This tasty treat features two-...

  • Miner's Gum Nuggets

    Miner's Gum Nuggets

    Get ready to strike it rich when you include these Miner's Gum Nuggets in your candy dish!...

  • Gummi Bears Candy Bag

    Gummi Bears Candy Bag

    Add a touch of vintage taste to your party or candy buffet with this Gummi Bears Candy Bag...

  • Earthworms Candy Bag

    Earthworms Candy Bag

    Set a creepy scene with this Earthworms Candy Bag! These fruity gummies wiggle their way i...

  • Hot Chili Pepper Gummi Candy Bag

    Hot Chili Pepper Gummi Candy Bag

    Add some Ay Caramba! into your life with this Hot Chili Pepper Gummi Candy Bag! These uniq...

  • Cinnamon Hearts Candy Bag

    Cinnamon Hearts Candy Bag

    Warm their hearts and set their taste buds on fire with this Cinnamon Hearts Candy Bag! Th...

    Out of stock

  • Charms Candy Carnival Candy Bag

    Charms Candy Carnival Candy Bag

    Charms Candy Carnival Candy Bag! Includes Blow Pop Suckers, Sugar Babies, Zip-a-Dee Mini P...

  • Dum Dum Pops Candy Bag

    Dum Dum Pops Candy Bag

    Need a sweet treat that’s nice and neat? Grab this Dum Dum Pops Candy Bag to keep you ha...

  • Wonka Mix Up Bag

    Wonka Mix Up Bag

    Serve up a mix of your favorite Wonka candies in snack sizes with this Wonka Mix Up Bag! I...

  • Fort Knox Chocolate Gold Coins

    Fort Knox Chocolate Gold Coins

    Add a fun touch to your pirate party with these Fort Knox Chocolate Gold Coins! These scru...

  • Fire Ball Candy Bag

    Fire Ball Candy Bag

    Ignite a fire for your taste buds with this Fire Ball Candy Bag! These round red candies f...

  • Moon Breakers Candy Bag

    Moon Breakers Candy Bag

    Take a trip to the moon while you enjoy this Moon Breakers Candy Bag! This classic jawbrea...

  • Moon Rocks Candy Bag

    Moon Rocks Candy Bag

    Experience a taste that’s out of this world with this Moon Rocks Candy Bag! This unique ...

  • Peach Rings Candy Bag

    Peach Rings Candy Bag

    Enjoy a fun, fresh taste with this Peach Rings Candy Bag! These round, sugar-sanded gummi ...

  • Rainbow Strips Candy Bag

    Rainbow Strips Candy Bag

    Taste a rainbow of flavor with this Rainbow Strips Candy Bag! These colorful, this chewy s...

  • Razzberries Candy Bag

    Razzberries Candy Bag

    Take a sweet taste of splendor with this Razzberries Candy Bag! These red and blue berry s...

  • Cinnamon Hearts Hard Candy Bag

    Cinnamon Hearts Hard Candy Bag

    Make a sweet statement with this Cinnamon Hearts Hard Candy Bag! These red hard candies fe...

  • Gummi Sharks Candy Bag

    Gummi Sharks Candy Bag

    Take a chomp of some tasty treats with this Gummi Sharks Candy Bag! These blue and white g...

  • Sweet Tarts Candy Bag

    Sweet Tarts Candy Bag

    Enjoy an oldie but goodie with this Sweet Tarts Candy Bag! This bag features individually ...

  • Gummi Turtles Candy Bag

    Gummi Turtles Candy Bag

    Take a delightfully sweet snack break with this Gummi Turtles Candy Bag! These soft and ch...

  • Gummi Whales Candy Bag

    Gummi Whales Candy Bag

    You’re sure to have a whale of a tale to tell with this Gummi Whales Candy Bag! These de...

  • Teeny Lollipops

    Teeny Lollipops

    Enjoy a tiny tasty treat anytime with these Teeny Lollipops! These colorfully swirled loll...

  • Teeny Twister Pops

    Teeny Twister Pops

    Taste a storm of flavor with these Teeny Twister Pops! These strikingly colorful suckers f...

  • Teeny Smiley Face Pops

    Teeny Smiley Face Pops

    Enjoy a sweet smile on a colorful lollipop with these Teeny Smiley Face Pops! These blue, ...

Items 1 to 60 of 186 total

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