The fun part of having a birthday party is the favors! Choose from various categories and themes with ease! We have a little bit of everything and everyone will be happy!

Water toys are a joy in the summer! Take a chance with squirt guns, many themes of rubber duckies, vinyl beach turtles, frog squirts and more!

Make some noise with these toy favors like windmill whistles, smiley face maracas, sports whistles, plastic recorders, slide flutes, kazoos, neon knocker balls, train whistles, silver police whistle, football clapper and insect whizzers!

Party loot bags love stretchable superheroes, pinwheels, swirl prisms, blowpipes, rings, spin tops, zoo paratroopers, sunglasses, krazy straws and mustaches!

For all the animal lovers out there we have crabs, sea life figures, jumping frogs, ocean creatures, snakes, farm animals, horses, finger puppets and many more!

Is there a “soldier” themed party? We offer camouflage sunglasses, camouflage favor packs, rubber bracelets, dog tags, paratroopers, pencils, plastic army men, jet fighters and planes!

Reward students with alphabet rulers, plastic coins, American flag and animal stickers, puzzles, finger skateboards, finger traps, smiley face erasers, zoo erasers, notepads and many others!

Fashion can be shown off by colored gangster hats, visors, and tiaras! Bandanas and hair attachments in different colors are available! Temporary tattoos are super fun and easy to use.

Surprise those around you with various magic tricks, magic cards, and practical jokes. Glow sticks of all shapes, sizes and colors are awaiting your choosing!

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