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Creating your own custom arrangements, wreaths, and garland just got easier with Party Time! We have everything you need to get started on your own fabulous creation in one place – starting with your work wreaths and garlands!

Start with your work wreath to create your own custom wreath. Wreaths are great for indoors or outdoors. Coordinate with the seasons or create something that can be used year-round. Starting with a basic work wreath, your creations are sure to come to life in no time! Pair a wire work wreath with your favorite pipe cleaners or chenille stems or use a work wreath with pre-attached stems.

Pair wreaths with matching garlands and tabletop floral arrangements. Work garlands are great for creating interestingly shaped wreaths, door swag, or tabletop decorations as well as adorning banisters and mantels. Add flourishes of color and style to any part of your household!

Step out of the ordinary with our festively shaped work wreaths. Create intricate Christmas trees for the holiday season, romantic hearts for Valentine’s Day, or embellished crosses for Easter. With everything from traditional to funky shapes, put special spins on your custom creations.

Whatever your project is, Party Time has all of the tools you need to create the most personalized and stylish decorations you can come up with. Check out our constantly changing and fresh inventory for new ideas and inspirations.

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  • Wire Work Wreath 18in

    Wire Work Wreath 18in

    Use your imagination and create a one of a kind wreath using this 18in Wire Wreath Form! ...

  • Work Wreaths 24in

    Work Wreaths 24in

    21 colors available. Creating a beautiful wreath for any season is a snap with the right m...

  • Work Wreaths 30in

    Work Wreaths 30in

    Additional colors available. Create masterpieces that are larger than life with these over...

  • Pencil Work Wreaths 24in

    Pencil Work Wreaths 24in

    6 colors available. Add your own personal style to your seasonal or everyday decorations w...

  • Solid Work Garland

    Solid Work Garland

    14 colors available. Decorate doorways, banisters, and more with your own personal style i...

  • Metallic Pencil Garlands

    Metallic Pencil Garlands

    10 colors available. No one can decorate your home like you can! Turn a creative streak in...

  • Wire Work Ball 12in

    Wire Work Ball 12in

    2 colors available. Create your own ball of embellished fun with this Wire Work Ball! Perf...

  • Wire Work Ball 18in

    Wire Work Ball 18in

    2 colors available. Looking for decorations to impress the crowd? Try out this 18in Wire W...

  • Antique Rust Wrought Iron Ball

    Antique Rust Wrought Iron Ball

    3 sizes available. Step out of the ordinary with this Antique Rust Wrought Iron Ball. Choo...

    Starting at: $16.99

  • Pencil Cross Wreath Form

    Pencil Cross Wreath Form

    Create the perfect Easter decoration with this Pencil Cross Wreath Form! Great for religio...

    Out of stock

  • Green Work Cross 36in

    Green Work Cross 36in

    Our Green Work Cross is made up of 27 ties that allow you to attach fabric, poly deco mesh...

  • Wire-Work Cone 34in

    Wire-Work Cone 34in

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This Wire Work Cone is the perfect way to c...

    Out of stock

  • Green Work Rail 22in

    Green Work Rail 22in

    Looking for unique door swag? Create your own with this Wire Work Pencil Rail! Add your ow...

  • Green Work Rail 36in

    Green Work Rail 36in

    Forget circle wreaths. Create the most unconventional wreath in town with this Wire Work R...

  • Jute Wrap Folding Ball 12in

    Jute Wrap Folding Ball 12in

    2 colors available. Looking for some unexpected decorations? Create your own with this Jut...

  • Jute Wrap Folding Ball 18in

    Jute Wrap Folding Ball 18in

    2 colors available. Add flare and fun to your decorations with this Jute Wrapped Folding B...

  • Jute Wrap Folding Ball 25in

    Jute Wrap Folding Ball 25in

    2 colors available. Create decorations that are bigger and better than ever with this Jute...

  • Work Pine Wreath 24in

    Work Pine Wreath 24in

    Bring in a touch of rustic flair to your autumn decorations with this Work Pine Wreath! Th...

  • Burlap Wreath 19in

    Burlap Wreath 19in


  • Wild Twig Garland 87in

    Wild Twig Garland 87in

    Spruce up your decorations in bursts of rustic flare with this Wild Twig Garland. Features...

  • Grapevine Garland

    Grapevine Garland

    3 sizes available. Add some rustic flare to your decorations with these Grapevine Garlands...

    Starting at: $0.00

    Out of stock

28 Item(s)