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Give Fido his own kookie look this Halloween! Party Time has a great selection o... View more

Give Fido his own kookie look this Halloween! Party Time has a great selection of poochie costumes that your little Bowwow will surely be begging for! Treat them like the royalty they are with Party Time’s Canine King and Puppy Princess looks, or send them back to the stone ages as a fierce Cave Dog.

Our pups love attention too, so dress them up this Halloween for some doggie friendly fun! From the dapper Pet Tuxedo to the Punk Rocker Pet, your pooch is sure to be the star of the party!

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  • Star Wars Darth Vader Dog

    Star Wars Darth Vader Dog

    Transform your pup into a Sith Lord for Halloween with this Star Wars Darth Vader Dog cost...

  • Skeleton Dog

    Skeleton Dog

    Don't rattle these bones! This Skeleton Dog look is the perfect way to spruce up your pooc...

  • Witch Dog

    Witch Dog

    Your cute pooch is sure to cast a spell on your Halloween party guests with this Witch Dog...

  • Doggie Serape

    Doggie Serape

    Ole’! Give your precious pup a spicy look for Halloween with this Doggie Serape! This ad...

  • Dapper Dog

    Dapper Dog

    Is your pooch ready for a night at the opera? Make sure he is properly attired in this Dap...

  • Pink Doggie Tutu

    Pink Doggie Tutu

    Dress your pup up in pretty pink style for Halloween with this Pink Doggie Tutu! This cute...

  • Red & Black Doggie Tutu

    Red & Black Doggie Tutu

    Turn your canine companion into a princess pooch with this adorable Red & Black Doggie Tut...

  • Rainbow Doggie Tutu

    Rainbow Doggie Tutu

    Let your pooch prance around for Halloween in this Rainbow Doggie Tutu! This eye-catching ...

  • Doggie Mohawk Wig

      Doggie Mohawk Wig

      Bring out the punk in your pup with this Doggie Mohawk Wig! This adorable wig features a b...

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    • Doggie Pink Wig

        Doggie Pink Wig

        Style your pooch up for Halloween with this Doggie Pink Wig! This synthetic pink wig featu...

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      • Rainbow Doggie Afro Wig

        Rainbow Doggie Afro Wig

        Add some pizzazz to your puppy pal for Halloween with this Rainbow Doggie Afro Wig! This s...

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      • Doggie Wig & Bandana

        Doggie Wig & Bandana

        Give your furry friend a rockin’ 80’s look with this Doggie Wig & Bandana! This comica...

      • Gold Puppy Tiara

          Gold Puppy Tiara

          She will always be your princess! This Gold Puppy Tiara features gold rhinestones and is t...

          Out of stock

        • Doggie Sombero

          Doggie Sombero

          Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale! Get the puppy party started with this adorable Doggie Somb...

        • Doggie Devil Horns

          Doggie Devil Horns

          Expect lots of Halloween treats when your doggie wears these Doggie Devil Horns! This cute...

        • Doggie Cowboy Hat

          Doggie Cowboy Hat

          Get along little doggie! Add some western flair to your pup’s Halloween garb with this D...

        • Pink Doggie Wings

          Pink Doggie Wings

          Brighten up your pooch’s Halloween look with these Pink Doggie Wings! These cute pink wi...

        • Purple Doggie Wings

          Purple Doggie Wings

          Turn your pup into a pixie for Halloween with these Purple Doggie Wings! These pretty purp...

        • Doggie Devil Wings

          Doggie Devil Wings

          Take along your canine companion to do your devilish deeds with this Doggie Devil Wings! T...

        19 Item(s)