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Who said to stop monkeying around? At Party Time, you don’t have to! From ... View more

Who said to stop monkeying around? At Party Time, you don’t have to! From primates to bananas, go wild with Party Time’s huge array of costumes and accessories!

Step out for a fright with our ghoulish horror selection! Looking for some Freddy vs. Jason action? We have them both ready to duke it out! Go deep into the underworld with horrific demons and sinister Devils; the Prince of Darkness is even making an appearance! Creating a creature of the night is frighteningly easy with Party Time! Find your favorite batty Vampire looks or Howling Werewolves for a horrifyingly fun night!

Party Time has all of the latest trends and coolest looks including Star Lord himself from Guardians of the Galaxy!  From Prince Charming to the Huntsman, completing your cinematic look is a breeze.  You can even find Waldo at Party Time! Looking for something more comical? Try out chuckleheads like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble! We heard Wilma and Betty are around here somewhere too.

Looking for something a little more in the ‘knight in shining armor’ style? Look no further than Party Time’s Royalty and Knights! Valiant and brave, our knights and crusaders are ready for anything!

Halloween is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, so why not reinvent a new career? From Doctors to Law Enforcement, our occupational looks are a great way to disguise yourself in the ordinary while being extraordinary!

Every man needs a good suit and great costumes could use one too! Party Time has great suits to help start your Halloween look.

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  • Chimpanzee


    Time to monkey around! This Chimpanzee costume is the perfect way to spice up the party! E...

  • Tiger Suit

      Tiger Suit

      Gear up for the LSU game or prowl the Halloween Jungles as a fierce Tiger! This Tiger jump...

      Out of stock

    • Raggedy Andy

      Raggedy Andy

      Bring back a childhood friend with this Raggedy Andy costume! This classic rag doll costum...

    • Dashiki Hippie Shirt

        Dashiki Hippie Shirt

        Attune yourself with the universe when you wear this Dashiki Hippie Shirt! This bold orang...

        Out of stock

      • Mr. Oktoberfest

        Mr. Oktoberfest

        Enjoy your sauerkraut and polka while you wear this Mr. Oktoberfest costume for Halloween!...

      • Leisure Suit

        Leisure Suit

        You’re sure to be the coolest disco dude for Halloween in this Leisure Suit costume! Inc...

      • Funny Chicken Suit

        Funny Chicken Suit

        Everyone loves a funky chicken! Give them what they want in this giant Funny Chicken Suit!...

      • Dotted Clown

        Dotted Clown

        Add a silly twirl to your step when you wear this Dotted Clown costume! Includes red with ...

      • Primary Clown

        Primary Clown

        Quit clowning around and celebrate Halloween with this Primary Clown costume! Includes red...

      • Shark Attack

          Shark Attack

          Bring a new kind of fear into the picture when you wear this Shark Attack costume! Include...

          Out of stock

        • Beetlejuice


          Become the ghost with the most when you wear this Beetlejuice costume! Includes black and ...

        • Purple Daze Hippie

          Purple Daze Hippie

          Bring peace and love to the scene when you wear this Purple Daze Hippie! Includes purple s...

        • Purple Polka Dot Clown

          Purple Polka Dot Clown

          Bring a bit of cheer to the scene with this Purple Polka Dot Clown costume! Includes purpl...

        • Spots The Clown

          Spots The Clown

          See the happy faces all around when you wear this Spots The Clown costume! Includes yellow...

        • Plush Gorilla

          Plush Gorilla

          Create a scary look straight from the jungle with this Plush Gorilla costume! Includes fuz...

        • Penguin Pal

            Penguin Pal

            Throw on your happy feet and get ready for an arctic adventure for Halloween with this Pen...

            Out of stock

          • Disco Dude

              Disco Dude

              You’re sure to feel the funk flow through you when you wear this Disco Dude costume! Inc...

              Out of stock

            • Raggedy Andy

              Raggedy Andy

              Become a popular childhood character in a snap with this Raggedy Andy costume! Includes bl...

            • Blue Robot Monster

              Blue Robot Monster

              Add a classic video game look for Halloween with this Blue Robot Monster costume! Includes...

            • Nerd


              Ready for a Halloween night of Quantum Physics? Look the part when you wear this Nerd cost...

            • Groovy Guy

              Groovy Guy

              Connect with a cool cat from the sixties when you wear this Groovy Guy costume! Includes p...

            • Comical Cow

                Comical Cow

                You’re sure to get a laugh or two when you wear this Comical Cow costume! Includes black...

                Out of stock

              • Pumpkin Suit & Tie

                Pumpkin Suit & Tie

                Get your Halloween groove on with this Pumpkin Suit & Tie! Includes black jacket and pants...

              • Bat Suit & Tie

                Bat Suit & Tie

                Dress yourself for Halloween in gothic GQ style with this Bat Suit & Tie costume! Includes...

              • Hippie Dude

                Hippie Dude

                Turn yourself into a groovy 1960s character when you wear this Hippie Dude costume! Includ...

              • Hoopy the Clown

                Hoopy the Clown

                Make them laugh clown laugh when you wear this Hoopy the Clown costume! Includes polka dot...

              • Big Top Fun Clown

                Big Top Fun Clown

                Nothing is sad about this Big Top Fun Clown! Including a top, pants, and collar, you’ll ...

              • Hippie


                The hippie dippie days are back! This Hippie ensemble is a great way to celebrate days of ...

              • Clown Tuxedo

                Clown Tuxedo

                Who doesn't love a big funny clown? Costume includes bright red long coat with attached ye...

              • Adult Headless Horseman

                Adult Headless Horseman

                Keep your head together for Halloween when you wear this Adult Headless Horseman costume! ...

              • Soul Taker

                Soul Taker

                Reveal your dark side for Halloween and scare up some souls with this Soul Taker costume! ...

              • Mr. Scarecrow

                  Mr. Scarecrow

                  Turn yourself into a classic character for Halloween with this Mr. Scarecrow costume! Grea...

                  Out of stock

                • Freak Show Ringmaster

                  Freak Show Ringmaster

                  Get ready for scariest show on earth when you wear this Freak Show Ringmaster costume! Inc...

                • Killer Bear Costume
                  • Blue
                  • Brown

                  Killer Bear Costume

                  You're sure to scare friends and neighbors with this Killer Bear Costume! Includes tattere...

                • Diablo


                  From the fires below, Diablo rises! Give menacing stares to onlookers when you don this ic...

                • Macabre Day of the Dead

                  Macabre Day of the Dead

                  Prepare for a celebration of souls when you wear this Macabre Day of the Dead costume! Inc...

                • Pennywise


                  It should be easy to fool people for Halloween when you wear this Pennywise costume! Inclu...

                • Frankenstein


                  You’re sure to feel Aliiive for Halloween when you wear this Frankenstein costume! Inclu...

                • Michael Myers Jumpsuit

                  Michael Myers Jumpsuit

                  Scare friends and neighbors alike for Halloween when you wear this Michael Myers Jumpsuit!...

                • Freddy Krueger Sweater

                  Freddy Krueger Sweater

                  You’ll never sleep again when you wear this Freddy Krueger Sweater! This thick terrifyin...

                • Phantom of Darkness

                  Phantom of Darkness

                  Get ready to scare those trick-or-treaters on Halloween when you wear this Phantom of Dark...

                • Ghost Face

                    Ghost Face

                    Turn into one of the most notable movie serial killers for Halloween when you wear this Gh...

                    Out of stock

                  • Burnt Zombie

                    Burnt Zombie

                    Get ready to creep out the Halloween masses when you wear this Burnt Zombie costume! Inclu...

                  • Skeleton Suit

                    Skeleton Suit

                    Become an undead character when you put on this Skeleton Suit costume! Includes a black ju...

                  • Haunted Mirror Ghoul

                      Haunted Mirror Ghoul

                      Turn into a horrifying mystery for Halloween when you wear this Haunted Mirror Ghoul costu...

                      Out of stock

                    • Prince of Darkness

                      Prince of Darkness

                      Look like a debonair soul stealer for Halloween when you wear this Prince of Darkness cost...

                    • Rob Zombie's Michael Myers

                      Rob Zombie's Michael Myers

                      Turn yourself into the scariest Boogieman ever with this Rob Zombie's Michael Myers costum...

                    • Dapper Death

                      Dapper Death

                      Dress as a spooky chic character for Halloween in this Dapper Death costume! Includes full...

                    • Forgotten Souls

                      Forgotten Souls

                      Carry all those Halloween souls with you when you wear this Forgotten Souls costume! Inclu...

                    • Horror Robe

                      Horror Robe

                      Bring fear in your victims as the Grim Reaper in our Horror Robe!. It includes a fuller cu...

                    • Deluxe Captain America

                        Deluxe Captain America

                        Turn yourself in to the beloved patriotic hero from Avengers 2 when you wear this Deluxe C...

                        Out of stock

                      • Deluxe Hulk costume

                        Deluxe Hulk costume

                        You’re sure to have a smashing good time for Halloween when you wear this Deluxe Hulk co...

                      • Deluxe Thor

                        Deluxe Thor

                        Become the golden-haired Norse god for Halloween when you wear this Deluxe Thor costume! I...

                      • Batman Deluxe

                        Batman Deluxe

                        Become the protector of Gotham City for Halloween when you wear this Batman Deluxe costume...

                      • Deluxe Black Panther

                        Deluxe Black Panther

                        Become the protector of Wakanda when you wear this Deluxe Black Panther costume! Includes ...

                      • Deluxe Batman

                          Deluxe Batman

                          Holy Smokes, Batman! This Deluxe Batman costume is a sure way to emulate the dark knight! ...

                          Out of stock

                        • Joker


                          Transform into Batman’s greatest nemesis for Halloween when you wear this Joker costume!...

                        • Deluxe Muscle Superman

                            Deluxe Muscle Superman

                            Take to the sky for Halloween when you wear this Deluxe Muscle Superman costume! Includes ...

                            Out of stock

                          • Amazing Spiderman

                              Amazing Spiderman

                              Swing into action for Halloween when you wear this Amazing Spiderman costume! Includes cla...

                              Out of stock

                            • Mr. Incredible

                              Mr. Incredible

                              Show off your superhero strength for Halloween when you wear this Mr. Incredible costume! ...

                            Items 1 to 60 of 191 total

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