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Be a fairy tale dream this Halloween with Party Time’s wide arrange of sto... View more

Be a fairy tale dream this Halloween with Party Time’s wide arrange of story book characters! From Tinkerbell to Dorothy, we have everything you need to step into your own fantasy land look!

Party Time has all of the latest trends including Frozen’s Elsa and Maleficent as well as the tried and true favorites like Belle and Cinderella. With every Princess and maiden in between, you’re sure to find yourself in a royal wonderland with Party Time!

Party Through the Decades with looks from the Roaring twenties all the way through the happening Eighties! Look like you just popped out of the Silver Screen with our glamorous Hollywood goddess dresses or fresh off the disco floor with our shimmering sequin ensembles!

Take flight with tremendous super powers as one of Party Time’s fabulous super heroes! From Spidergirl to Supergirl, fighting crime never looked so glamorous! Or if you want something a little more down to Earth, we have Law Enforcement and Nurse uniforms sure to impress!

Feeling a little fierce? We have the looks everyone is going wild over from sultry felines to sexy zebras! Nothing says foxy quite like our Foxy Lady!

What something a little more bewitching? We aren’t afraid of a little witchcraft! Find your favorite pointed hat beauty with our wide selection of Witches and Sorceress! Casting spells this Halloween just got a little easier.

Scourge the Seven Seas in Caribbean style as one of our dazzling buccaneer beauties! Black Beard will never stand a chance against the likes of you!

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  • Foxy Lady

    Foxy Lady

    You'll feel ultra-sultry in the Foxy Lady costume! It includes the soft brown faux-fur tri...

  • Howling Hottie

    Howling Hottie

    You’re sure to blow everyone away when you wear this Howling Hottie costume! Includes a ...

  • Lioness


    Roar up some courage when you wear this Lioness costume! Includes gold velour dress with z...

  • Pretty Pumpkin

      Pretty Pumpkin

      Give your Halloween garb a classic look in this Pretty Pumpkin costume! Includes a bright ...

      Out of stock

    • Pretty Kitty

      Pretty Kitty

      Pounce your way into their hearts for Halloween in this Pretty Kitty costume! Includes sof...

    • Retro Miss Mouse

      Retro Miss Mouse

      You’re sure to make Mickey smile when you wear this Retro Miss Mouse costume! Includes r...

    • Supergirl


      Up, up, and away! There she goes in this fabulous Supergirl costume! Includes dress with t...

    • Batgirl


      Kapow! Look your best when putting Gotham’s criminals in their place with this Batgirl c...

    • Wonder Woman

        Wonder Woman

        Get ready to join the Justice League when you wear this Wonder Woman costume! Includes red...

        Out of stock

      • Miss Krueger

        Miss Krueger

        Transform into the girl of his nightmares when you wear this Miss Krueger costume! Include...

      • Supergirl Wings Dress

        Supergirl Wings Dress

        Up, up, and away! Fight crime in super style in this Supergirl Wings Dress! Includes blue ...

      • Batgirl Wings Dress

        Batgirl Wings Dress

        Look amazing while fighting crime in Gotham City when you wear this Batgirl Wings Dress co...

      • Deluxe Wonder Woman

        Deluxe Wonder Woman

        Dress up as your favorite heroine from Dawn of Justice with this Deluxe Wonder Woman costu...

      • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

        Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

        Turn yourself into the Joker's crazy, sexy, and cool girlfriend with this Suicide Squad...


      • Harley Quinn Dress

        Harley Quinn Dress

        Make your mischievous mark for Halloween when you wear this Harley Quinn Dress! This black...

      • Supergirl


        Dress up as Kara from the popular TV series in this Supergirl costume! Includes red and bl...

      • The Flash

        The Flash

        Transform into a female superhero when you wear this The Flash costume! Includes red dress...

      • Wonder Woman Cape Dress

        Wonder Woman Cape Dress

        Protect Metropolis from evil in this Wonder Woman Cape Dress! Includes red long sleeve min...

      • Captain America Dress

        Captain America Dress

        Give your superhero attire a fashion update with this Captain America Dress! This bold blu...

      • Spider Girl Dress

        Spider Girl Dress

        Get ready to fight crime in fashionable style when you wear this Spider Girl Dress! This e...

      • Comic Book Cutie

          Comic Book Cutie

          Make a sexy crime fighting statement when you wear this Comic Book Cutie costume! Includes...

          Out of stock

        • Green Pretty Plumber

          Green Pretty Plumber

          Take your Halloween to the next level when you wear this sassy Green Pretty Plumber costum...

        • Red Pretty Plumber

          Red Pretty Plumber

          Grab your wrench and get ready to play when you wear this Red Pretty Plumber costume! Incl...

        • Secret Wishes Deluxe Supergirl

            Secret Wishes Deluxe Supergirl

            She’s ready to save the world in this Secret Wishes Deluxe Supergirl costume! Includes d...

            Out of stock

          • Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn

            Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn

            Cartwheel into Halloween with this Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn costume! Includes j...

          • Frozen's Deluxe Elsa Gown

            Frozen's Deluxe Elsa Gown

            Transform into everyone’s favorite Ice Queen with this elegant Deluxe Elsa Gown! Disney...

          • Raggedy Ann

            Raggedy Ann

            Become a childhood classic in the blink of an eye with this Raggedy Ann costume! Costume i...

          • Robin Hoodie

            Robin Hoodie

            Grab some attention with this Robin Hoodie costume! Includes a green, corset style dress w...

          • Sultry Scarecrow

            Sultry Scarecrow

            Become a sexy crop protector for Halloween when you wear this Sultry Scarecrow costume! In...

          • Thing 1 & 2 Hooded Dress

            Thing 1 & 2 Hooded Dress

            Which one with you choose, Thing 1 or Thing 2? Dr Seuss would approve of this Thing 1 & 2 ...

          • Princess Krystal

            Princess Krystal

            Get ready for some frozen stares when you wear this Princess Krystal costume! Includes an ...

          • Girly Rag Doll

              Girly Rag Doll

              Give yourself a fun look for Halloween with this Girly Rag Doll costume! Includes a blue r...

              Out of stock

            • Stylish Angel

              Stylish Angel

              Make a heavenly impression for Halloween with this Stylish Angel costume! This beautiful c...

            • Riding Hood

              Riding Hood

              She's not just heading to Grandma's House! This Riding Hood costume features a capelet ver...

            • Toy Story's Jessie

              Toy Story's Jessie

              Giddy up and get ready for Halloween when you wear this Toy Story's Jessie costume! Includ...

            • Deluxe Snow White

              Deluxe Snow White

              Have some Halloween fun with Prince Charming and the Seven Dwarves when you wear this Delu...

            • Ariel Deluxe

              Ariel Deluxe

              Enjoy life under the sea for Halloween when you wear this Ariel Deluxe costume! Includes s...

            • Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Aurora

              Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Aurora

              Transform into the famous sleeping princess when you wear this Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Auro...

            • Star Wars Princess Leia

              Star Wars Princess Leia

              Become the iconic intergalactic princess when you wear this Star Wars Princess Leia costum...

            • Deluxe Cinderella

              Deluxe Cinderella

              You’re sure to impress at the Halloween ball with this Deluxe Cinderella costume! This g...

            • Ultra Deluxe Belle

              Ultra Deluxe Belle

              Transform into your favorite Beauty & the Beast character with this Ultra Deluxe Belle cos...

            • Wonderful Alice

              Wonderful Alice

              Down the rabbit hole you go! No one knows Wonderful quite like Alice! Includes a blue dres...

            • Red Riding Hood

              Red Riding Hood

              To Grandmother’s house we go! Red Riding Hood has a special delivery for her favorite el...

            • Deluxe Belle

              Deluxe Belle

              Be the bell of the ball with this delicately detailed Deluxe Belle Dress. Featuring soft p...

            • Witch


              You'll be stunning and spellbinding in our Classic Witch Costume. Features a fuller cut bl...

            • Black Witch Dress

              Black Witch Dress

              Something wicked comes this way! Nothing is all that basic about this Black Witch Dress! T...

            • Vampiress


              The night will lead you to eye-catching fashion when you wear this Vampiress! Includes stu...

            • Gothic Temptress

              Gothic Temptress

              Turn yourself into a daring demonic diva for Halloween with this Gothic Temptress costume!...

            • Countess Vampiretta

              Countess Vampiretta

              Transform yourself into undead royalty when you wear this Countess Vampiretta costume! Inc...

            • Enchantress


              Cast a spell for Halloween when you wear this Enchantress costume! This stunning costume f...

            • Midnight Magic

              Midnight Magic

              Weave your Halloween magic in a sultry spellbinding manner with this Midnight Magic costum...

            • Black Witch

              Black Witch

              Perfect your spellbinding look with this Black Witch costume! Includes long black dress wi...

            • Vampiress


              Become a mistress of the night with this Vampiress costume! Includes ankle-length black dr...

            • Whimsical Witch

              Whimsical Witch

              Sweep up some wicked fun with this Whimsical Witch dress! Featuring vibrant purple polka d...

            • Tattered Witch

                Tattered Witch

                Something witchy comes this way! This black dress with tattered details is the perfect way...

                Out of stock

              • Royal Blue Queen

                Royal Blue Queen

                Take care of your loyal subjects in this Royal Blue Queen costume! Includes long blue and ...

              • Scarletta


                Stand out in the Halloween crown when you wear this Scarletta costume! This appealing cost...

              • Charmed Queen

                Charmed Queen

                Take on the Mad Hatter when you wear this Charmed Queen costume! Includes dress with red h...

              • Cruella de Vil

                Cruella de Vil

                Look like a fashionable villainess in this Cruella de Vil costume! Includes glossy black d...

              • Cruella de Vil

                Cruella de Vil

                Become that dreadful dame that despises dalmations when you wear this Cruella de Vil costu...

              Items 1 to 60 of 218 total

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