Infant & Toddler - Girls Costumes

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  • Baby Bee

    Baby Bee

    Nothing would be sweeter than your sweetie in this Baby Bee tutu dress! Includes dress wit...

  • Angelic Miss

    Angelic Miss

    Turn your little girl into a beautiful vision to behold with this Angelic Miss costume! In...

  • Pretty Princess

    Pretty Princess

    Watch your little girl transform into a royal beauty in this Pretty Princess costume! Incl...

  • Big Top Fun

    Big Top Fun

    Give your little one a reason to clown around in this Big Top Fun costume! Includes a rain...

  • Superstar Spirit

    Superstar Spirit

    Go Team, Go! This star spangled Superstar Spirit costume is perfect for your mini cheerlea...

  • Ariel Ballerina

    Ariel Ballerina

    The most beautiful mermaid of the sea! This Ariel Ballerina dress features an iridescent p...

  • Rapunzel Ballerina

      Rapunzel Ballerina

      Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair! This cutesy Rapunzel Ballerina costume featur...

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    • Sofia the First Classic

      Sofia the First Classic

      Transform your little girl into a precious princess with our adorably cute Sofia Classic C...

    • Classic Snow White

      Classic Snow White

      She’ll become the fairest of them all in this Classic Snow White costume! Includes a blu...

    • Classic Ariel

      Classic Ariel

      Transform your little girl into the wide-eyed mermaid when she wears this Classic Ariel co...

    • Classic Rapunzel

      Classic Rapunzel

      Let your little girl become the princess with the famously long hair when she wears this C...

    • Classic Aurora

      Classic Aurora

      She’s sure to make Maleficent jealous in this Classic Aurora costume! Includes a pretty ...

    • Classic Jasmine

      Classic Jasmine

      Prepare your princess for a magic carpet ride with this Classic Jasmine costume! Includes ...

    • Little Pink Princess

      Little Pink Princess

      She’ll be the ready for a fairytale Halloween in this Little Pink Princess costume! This...

    • Little Blue Princess

      Little Blue Princess

      Let your little girl look majestic for Halloween in this Little Blue Princess costume! Thi...

    • Paw Patrol Deluxe Skye

      Paw Patrol Deluxe Skye

      Transform your little girl into a flying, crime fighting ballerina with this Paw Patrol De...

    • Caribbean Pirate

      Caribbean Pirate

      Turn her Halloween candy into buried treasure when she wears this Caribbean Pirate costume...

    • Tutu Witch

      Tutu Witch

      She’s sure to have you under her adorable spell when she wears this Tutu Witch costume! ...

    18 Item(s)