Infant & Toddler - Girls Costumes

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  • Baby Bee

    Baby Bee

    Nothing would be sweeter than your sweetie in this Baby Bee tutu dress! Includes dress wit...

  • Wittle Wabbit

    Wittle Wabbit

    She is sure to have a hopping good time this Halloween as the Wittle Wabbit! Includes whit...

  • Little Lamb

    Little Lamb

    Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. But that lamb probably wasn’t as ...

  • Itty Bitty Kitty

    Itty Bitty Kitty

    Your itty bitty darling is sure to love this Itty Bitty Kitty costume! Includes a black fu...

  • Little Miss Mouse

    Little Miss Mouse

    Well Golly Gee, Minnie is here! This Little Miss Mouse is a darling way to dress up your l...

  • Cutie Cat

    Cutie Cat

    She’s sure to be a frisky little feline for Halloween in this Cutie Cat costume! Include...

  • Little Ladybug

    Little Ladybug

    Let your little girl become an adorable symbol of good luck with this Little Ladybug costu...

  • Sparkly Unicorn

    Sparkly Unicorn

    Let your little girl harness her magical powers in shimmering style with this Sparkly Unic...

  • Rainbow Butterfly

      Rainbow Butterfly

      Add some colorful flutter to your little girl’s Halloween with this Rainbow Butterfly co...

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    • Baby Black Kitty

      Baby Black Kitty

      Put your little girl in this meow-velous Baby Black Kitty costume! This cute costume featu...

    • Playful Kitty

      Playful Kitty

      Add a touch of feline fancy to her Halloween with this Playful Kitty costume! This pretty ...

    • Baby Lady Bug

        Baby Lady Bug

        Dress her up in adorable style for Halloween with this Baby Lady Bug costume! This cute co...

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      • Little Stinger

        Little Stinger

        The buzz around town is the cutest Bee has arrived! This Little Stinger costume features s...

      • Giddy Goldfish

        Giddy Goldfish

        She’s sure to be the cutest little fishy in the bowl with this Giddy Goldfish costume! T...

      • Wonder Woman Ez-On Romper

          Wonder Woman Ez-On Romper

          She’ll be ready to take on those nasty Halloween villains in this Wonder Woman Ez-On Rom...

        • Little Wonder Woman

            Little Wonder Woman

            By the Goddess! This Little Wonder Woman costume is just the ticket for a super Halloween!...

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          • Little Supergirl

              Little Supergirl

              Up up and away! Send your little girls soaring to new heights in this fabulous Little Supe...

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            • Angelic Miss

              Angelic Miss

              Turn your little girl into a beautiful vision to behold with this Angelic Miss costume! In...

            • Pretty Princess

              Pretty Princess

              Watch your little girl transform into a royal beauty in this Pretty Princess costume! Incl...

            • Big Top Fun

              Big Top Fun

              Give your little one a reason to clown around in this Big Top Fun costume! Includes a rain...

            • Blue Magical Mermaid

                Blue Magical Mermaid

                Your little one is sure to be a beautiful mermaid of the ocean in this Blue Magical Mermai...

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              • Superstar Spirit

                Superstar Spirit

                Go Team, Go! This star spangled Superstar Spirit costume is perfect for your mini cheerlea...

              • Ariel Ballerina

                Ariel Ballerina

                The most beautiful mermaid of the sea! This Ariel Ballerina dress features an iridescent p...

              • Rapunzel Ballerina

                  Rapunzel Ballerina

                  Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair! This cutesy Rapunzel Ballerina costume featur...

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                • Lil Red Hood

                  Lil Red Hood

                  Off to fight the big bad wolf! Dress your little one up as their favorite traveler with th...

                • Sofia the First Classic

                  Sofia the First Classic

                  Transform your little girl into a precious princess with our adorably cute Sofia Classic C...

                • Classic Snow White

                  Classic Snow White

                  She’ll become the fairest of them all in this Classic Snow White costume! Includes a blu...

                • Classic Ariel

                  Classic Ariel

                  Transform your little girl into the wide-eyed mermaid when she wears this Classic Ariel co...

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                • Classic Rapunzel

                  Classic Rapunzel

                  Let your little girl become the princess with the famously long hair when she wears this C...

                • Arabian Princess

                  Arabian Princess

                  Let your little girl feel like a desert beauty when she wears this Arabian Princess costum...

                • Lil' Princess

                  Lil' Princess

                  She’s sure to feel like a fairytale dream in this Lil' Princess costume! Includes a pink...

                • Lil Red Riding Hood

                  Lil Red Riding Hood

                  Take a trip to Grandma’s house for Halloween in this Lil Red Riding Hood costume! Includ...

                • Classic Aurora

                  Classic Aurora

                  She’s sure to make Maleficent jealous in this Classic Aurora costume! Includes a pretty ...

                • Classic Jasmine

                  Classic Jasmine

                  Prepare your princess for a magic carpet ride with this Classic Jasmine costume! Includes ...

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                • Halloween Pumpkin Princess

                  Halloween Pumpkin Princess

                  Dress up your sweet little pumpkin in this darling Halloween Pumpkin Princess costume! Per...

                • Little Ariel

                  Little Ariel

                  Give your little mermaid an enchanting look for Halloween in this Little Ariel costume! Th...

                • Li'l Unicorn

                  Li'l Unicorn

                  She’ll feel like a beautiful prancing unicorn in this Li'l Unicorn costume! This pretty ...

                • Little Pink Princess

                  Little Pink Princess

                  She’ll be the ready for a fairytale Halloween in this Little Pink Princess costume! This...

                • Little Blue Princess

                  Little Blue Princess

                  Let your little girl look majestic for Halloween in this Little Blue Princess costume! Thi...

                • Pink Minnie Prestige

                  Pink Minnie Prestige

                  She’ll have a positively pretty smile to go with this Pink Minnie Prestige costume! This...

                • Red Minnie

                  Red Minnie

                  She'll make an adorable mouse in the Red Minnie Costume! It includes the polka dot dress a...

                • Dorothy Tikes

                  Dorothy Tikes

                  There’s no place like home! This adorable Dorothy Tikes costume features the classic gin...

                • Pink Minnie

                  Pink Minnie

                  Come on over and join the club! This sweet Pink Minnie Mouse dress features lots of white ...

                • Paw Patrol Deluxe Skye

                  Paw Patrol Deluxe Skye

                  Transform your little girl into a flying, crime fighting ballerina with this Paw Patrol De...

                • Deluxe Pet Vet Doc McStuffins

                    Deluxe Pet Vet Doc McStuffins

                    Let your little vet take care of those sick stuffed animals when she wears this Deluxe Pet...

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                  • Pink Flapper

                    Pink Flapper

                    Shimmy and shake to the party with your little Pink Flapper cutie! Includes a pink fringe ...

                  • Pirate Princess

                    Pirate Princess

                    She'll steal their hearts away this Halloween in the Pirate Princess Costume! It comes wit...

                  • Little Lassie Pirate

                    Little Lassie Pirate

                    Dress Attached belt Hat Tights Toddler (3-4) Small (4-6)

                  • Miss Matched Witch

                    Miss Matched Witch

                    Let your little sorceress step out in fashionable style for Halloween with this Miss Match...

                  • Baby Boo

                    Baby Boo

                    Turn your little one into the cutest Halloween ghost with this adorable Baby Boo costume! ...

                  • Baby Color Bones

                    Baby Color Bones

                    Dress your little darling in chic Halloween fashion with this Baby Color Bones costume! In...

                  • Caribbean Pirate

                    Caribbean Pirate

                    Turn her Halloween candy into buried treasure when she wears this Caribbean Pirate costume...

                  • Tutu Witch

                    Tutu Witch

                    She’s sure to have you under her adorable spell when she wears this Tutu Witch costume! ...

                  • Skelly Belly

                    Skelly Belly

                    With a tummy full of treats, Halloween just got a little sweeter with this Skelly Belly lo...

                  • Ninja Miss

                    Ninja Miss

                    She can be stealthy and sweet at the same time in this Ninja Miss costume! Includes a blac...

                  55 Item(s)