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From fairies to mermaids and princesses to pirates, little girls of all ages are sure to find fantastic costumes at Party Time! Going off to Neverland is a breeze as Tinkerbell, while wandering to Wonderland is simple as Alice! Party Time has all of the latest trends and characters just in time for the Halloween season. Check out Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen or Princess Aurora from Maleficent today! Be sure to check out all of your favorite enchanting story book and super hero characters.

Looking for something a little more spellbinding? Party Time has lots of bewitching pintsized pointed hat cuties! Witches and zombies and all sorts of ghostly creatures! Who thought looking ghoulish could be so adorable!

Maybe your super princess is ready to be a super hero! Fierce ninjas and battling pirates are sure to delight any girl looking for an adventure! Party Time loves Marvel and D.C. characters too with fun choices like Batgirl and Black Widow.

From the silver screen to your neighborhood, Party Time has the latest TV and Movie characters she is sure to love! Let her rock out as Smurfette or hang out with friends as Rainbow Dash! Looking for something a little more classic? Minnie Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake are the way to go! But Party Time is definitely down with the times and has Agnes from Despicable Me and Monster High glam girls at the ready!

Want to head back to the nifty fifties or groovy sixties? Whatever the era, Party Time has great looks sure to send her back in time!

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  • Snow White Shimmer Deluxe

    Snow White Shimmer Deluxe

    You're little girl is sure to love this Snow White Shimmer Deluxe costume! Features Snow W...

  • Classic Elsa

    Classic Elsa

    Disney has done it again! This adorable Classic Elsa features a character cameo, sheer sle...

  • Classic Traveling Anna

    Classic Traveling Anna

    Do you want to build a snowman? This Classic Traveling Anna features her iconic traveling ...

  • Princess Tiana Sparkle Classic

      Princess Tiana Sparkle Classic

      You may have to kiss a few frogs to find your Charming, but it's always worth it in the en...

      Out of stock

    • Cinderella Movie Classic

      Cinderella Movie Classic

      Help your little princess get ready for the ball with this Cinderella Movie Classic costum...

    • Ariel Sparkle Classic

      Ariel Sparkle Classic

      Let her live an undersea fantasy for Halloween with this Ariel Sparkle Classic costume! Th...

    • Belle Ball Gown

      Belle Ball Gown

      Let your little turn into her favorite princess from Beauty & the Beast with this Belle B...

    • Frozen's Elsa Snow Queen Gown

      Frozen's Elsa Snow Queen Gown

      Let it go, let it go! I am one with the wind and Sky! Give your little princess a magic...


    • Frozen's Anna Coronation Gown

      Frozen's Anna Coronation Gown

      Okay, can I say something crazy? Give your little princess a costume to go crazy for th...


    • Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown

      Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown

      With rich colors and intricate details, this Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown is sure to mak...


    • Princess Krystal

      Princess Krystal

      From the frozen tundra to the icy hills, Princess Krystal has arrived the rule them all! D...

    • Jasmine Sparkle Classic

      Jasmine Sparkle Classic

      Transform your little one into a Disney Princess heroine with our Jasmine Sparkle Classic ...

    • Deluxe Alice in Wonderland

        Deluxe Alice in Wonderland

        Down the rabbit hole you go with this Deluxe Alice in Wonderland costume! Includes blue dr...

        Out of stock

      • Mystical Genie

          Mystical Genie

          This little Mystical Genie is ready to grant you wishes of fun and intrigue! Featuring har...

          Out of stock

        • Camelot Princess

          Camelot Princess

          This Camelot Princess Dress is the perfect way to make a grand entrance to the Round Table...

        • Raggedy Ann

          Raggedy Ann

          Become an instant ragdoll cutie for Halloween with this Raggedy Ann costume! This costume ...

        • Violet Princess

          Violet Princess

          Transform your little girl into a majestic figure with this Violet Princess costume! Inclu...

        • Lil' Red Riding Hood

          Lil' Red Riding Hood

          Give her a classic storybook costume with this Lil' Red Riding Hood! Includes adorable whi...

        • Beauty Princess

          Beauty Princess

          Let your little princess become the belle of the ball with this Beauty Princess costume! I...

        • Lil' Red Riding Hood

          Lil' Red Riding Hood

          To grandmother’s house we go! This Lil’ Red Riding Hood costume is the perfect way to ...

        • Renaissance Maiden

          Renaissance Maiden

          Gather your ladies in waiting in style! This Little Renaissance Maiden dress features intr...

        • Madame Butterfly

          Madame Butterfly

          Travel to the Far East and back in this gorgeously detailed Madame Butterfly costume! Incl...

        • Kansas Cutie

          Kansas Cutie

          We're back in Kansas! This Kansas Cutie has found a home with a click of her heels! Includ...

        • Egyptian Queen

          Egyptian Queen

          Become ruler of the Nile with this Egyptian Queen costume! Includes long black gown with s...

        • Little Raggedy Ann

          Little Raggedy Ann

          She’s just as cute as can be in this Little Raggedy Ann costume! Includes pretty blue an...

        • Classic Little Red Riding Hood

          Classic Little Red Riding Hood

          She’ll be ready to go to grandma’s house in style when she wears this Classic Little R...

        • Renaissance Maid

          Renaissance Maid

          Let you little one become a part of medieval times with this Renaissance Maid costume! Inc...

        • Kansas Cutie

          Kansas Cutie

          Get your little girl ready to follow the yellow brick road when she wears this Kansas Cuti...

        • Little Juliet

          Little Juliet

          Alas, your little girl will win the hearts of many when she wears this Little Juliet costu...

        • Ice Princess

          Ice Princess

          Let your little princess feel like a winter queen with this Ice Princess costume! Includes...

        • Venus


          You’re little girl is sure to look like a goddess in this Venus costume! Includes pretty...

        • Classic Tink & The Fairy Rescue

          Classic Tink & The Fairy Rescue

          She’s sure to feel like Peter Pan’s feisty fairy friend in this Classic Tink & The Fai...

        • Aquaria the Mermaid

          Aquaria the Mermaid

          She’s sure to look like an ocean dream for Halloween with this Aquaria the Mermaid costu...

        • Spring Fairy

          Spring Fairy

          Transform your little angel into a pretty fairy for Halloween with this Spring Fairy costu...

        • Cinderella Classic

          Cinderella Classic

          Let your little princess shine on Halloween with this Cinderella Classic costume! Includes...

        • Ariel Classic

          Ariel Classic

          Let your little girl transform into Disney’s Little Mermaid for Halloween in this Ariel ...

        • Beauty & the Beast Belle Deluxe

          Beauty & the Beast Belle Deluxe

          Beauty & the Beast Belle Deluxe costume! Includes beautiful golden yellow dress, shimmerin...

        • Elena Of Avalor

          Elena Of Avalor

          Let your little girl become the princess she’s always wanted to be with this Elena Of Av...

        • Cleopatra


          Nothing on this side of the Nile can compare to her beauty! Walk like an Egyptian with thi...

        • Rainbow Wild Cat

            Rainbow Wild Cat

            This is no ordinary costume! This Rainbow Wild Cat features a wild array of bright colors!...

            Out of stock

          • Wild Cat

            Wild Cat

            ME-OW! This Wild Cat dress is sure to cause a stir at the next Halloween get-together! Inc...

          • Ladybug


            This sweet little Ladybug is ready for a fluttering night on the town! Includes dress with...

          • Miss Kitty

            Miss Kitty

            This precious feline won’t bring you bad luck; only smiles with this Miss Kitty costume!...

          • Busy Bee

            Busy Bee

            Create a buzz with this Busy Bee costume! This pretty little costume features a black and ...

          • Missy Mouse

              Missy Mouse

              Strut your girly stuff for Halloween with this Missy Mouse costume! Includes pink dress wi...

              Out of stock

            • Angelic Miss

              Angelic Miss

              She’s sure to look like she fell from Heaven in this Angelic Miss costume! Includes whit...

            • Tigress Hoodie

              Tigress Hoodie

              She'll look fierce as a wild cat while on the prowl for treats in our Tigress Hoodie! Incl...

            • Purrfect Ballerina

              Purrfect Ballerina

              She’s sure to look purrfect in this Purrfect Ballerina costume! Includes tutu dress with...

            • Rainbow Butterfly

                Rainbow Butterfly

                Flutter around in a flurry of color with this sweet Rainbow Butterfly costume! Includes tu...

                Out of stock

              • Heavenly Angel

                  Heavenly Angel

                  Angel down from heaven! This darling Heavenly Angel costume is perfect for your sweet girl...

                  Out of stock

                • Leopard Grrrl

                  Leopard Grrrl

                  MEE-OW! Cat's out of the bag and this Leopard Grrrl is ready for some fun! Includes hooded...

                • Neon Cheetah

                  Neon Cheetah

                  She’s sure to add style to the prowl for candy when she wears this Neon Cheetah costume!...

                • Rainbow Unicorn

                  Rainbow Unicorn

                  Give your little mystical sweetheart a vibrant look for Halloween when she wears this Rain...

                • Sweet Tiger

                  Sweet Tiger

                  Let your little girl turn into a feisty Halloween when she wears this Sweet Tiger costume!...

                • Sweet Leopard

                  Sweet Leopard

                  She’s sure to roar with Halloween excitement when she wears this Sweet Leopard costume! ...

                • Pink Leopard Kitty

                  Pink Leopard Kitty

                  Dress your little girl up in purrfect colors with this Pink Leopard Kitty costume! Include...

                • Sassy Unicorn

                  Sassy Unicorn

                  Give her a mythical look when she wears this Sassy Unicorn costume! Includes gorgeous whit...

                • Mermaid


                  Make sure she’s all dolled up for an underwater adventure with this Mermaid costume! Inc...

                • French Bulldog

                  French Bulldog

                  C’est si bon! Let your little girl hit the trick or treating fun in chic style with this...

                • Playful Kitty

                  Playful Kitty

                  Let your little girl turn into one cool kitten with this Playful Kitty costume! Includes b...

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