Party Time is the largest independently owned party store in Baton Rouge. Our 30,000 square foot party store has a large selection of costumes, decorations, birthday party balloons, baking supplies, and party supplies year round. We bring national trends in holiday party supplies directly to our customers in Louisiana.

Our History

In the late 1970s, JoAnn Fox wanted two things: to be close to her children at home, and to be able to make each of her children the perfect birthday cake. Having owned a bakery with her husband, JoAnn knew creating the perfect birthday cake for your loved ones was very rewarding. Unfortunately, finding the right cake supplies proved to be challenging in Baton Rouge. JoAnn’s solution was to launch a cake supply store from the carport of her home, where she could remain close to her kids. She called it Creative Cake, and she worked hard to provide her customers with exactly what they needed to bake their special cakes. As her business grew, JoAnn made the decision to expand her inventory to include party supplies to meet the needs of her customers. Pretty soon, Creative Cake out grew its space and its name. Creative Cake became Creative, Your Party Store.

The company continued to successfully grow its inventory, its customer base and its community image. On October 1, 1996, the name changed to Party Time, and by 2010, Party Time moved into their current location, a 30,000 square foot space at the corner of Bluebonnet and Airline Hwy.

Fun for all times

Today, JoAnn owns and operates Party Time with her daughter Donna. Together, they ensure Party Time can provide the highest quality and largest selection of party and baking supplies for any occasion – fun for all times. To keep up with the latest holiday party trends, Donna attends several national trade shows every year, including private shows in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. Donna also loves talking to Party Time customers and asking them about specific items and DIY projects to make sure customers have everything they are looking for. JoAnn and Donna take great pride in providing a wide selection of party items, baking supplies, and costumes, as well as offering services such as printing, balloons, and cake decorating classes. The greatest joy that Donna and JoAnn share at Party Time is chatting with happy, excited customers and helping them create fun memories of throwing the perfect party.  
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